Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The last week - part 1

The reason I haven't followed up with the favourite challenge or written anything else is that I have been on vacation!

Me and most of my classmates went to Albania and Croatia, mostly to visit a children's home we're helping, but also to have some fun, get to know some of the history and relax ater a loooong last year of school. I've picked out some pictures from the trip. A bit more will come.

The airport in Norway 5:30 am...

Just had to take a picture of these cute boys at the airport

Hand Sanitizer: my best friend!

The children's-home is expanding

This sign you could find everywhere. It means "for sale"

Looks very... ehr... legal

This was one of the better car-washes. Believe me.

Moving on from Albania to Croatia

I was the doctor of the trip. this was my best friend: Eurax

Driving in to Dubrovnik

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